Mapping Youth Voter Turnout and Registration
Posted: Monday Jun 02, 2014

With Election Day still several months out for the Illinois gubernatorial and midterm elections, summer is the perfect time to assess historical trends in voter turnout and strategize how to get people to the polls in non-presidential election cycles, particularly youth. Those interested in promoting and improving youth engagement in elections should turn to CIRCLE’s most recent interactive state-by-state map to get a sense of their state’s election data and how it stacks up to neighboring states and, more largely, to the entire U.S. This highly informative and useful visualization piece brings together state-level data for all 50 states and allows users to explore registration and voter turnout rates for midterm and presidential elections, along with relevant demographic information, about citizens age 18-29. Greater context is provided for each state in a two-page fact sheet that can be accessed by double clicking on that state.

Click here to start exploring the election data for your state.

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